How to Apply

If you feel that your project conforms to the criteria for grants, you need to send an application that will consist of:

  • A covering letter outlining the project. This should be on Company letter head, showing clearly the Company’s postal address, email address, and name and telephone number of contact. This is very important as, if a grant is made, the cheque will be made out in the company name. Please state in the first paragraph WHAT you are applying for, HOW MUCH you are asking for, THE DATE and THE VENUE of the project.
  • A detailed description of the project’s artistic content.
  • Full CVs of the people involved in the project.
  • A clear budget that outlines all expenditure and all expected income, including (but not exclusively) earnings, sponsorship and support in-kind.
  • Your company’s independently inspected accounts from the previous year. 
  • A clear statement of how much money you are asking the Foundation to grant your project and the consequences of your not being given this amount.
  • If your company has overseas tax residency, please inform the Clerk of the Trustees prior to making any application and the Trustees will confirm if an application can be processed. Failure to declare overseas tax residency before making any application will result in the application and any subsequent grant obtained thereby declared void.

All the above must be included for the proper consideration of your project. If any part is not submitted we will automatically return your application.

Please feel free to send in any supporting documentation such as reviews of previous projects or publicity flyers.

Please do not apply for projects planned beyond six months from the application deadline as we need to make our grants within the correct accounting period. This means that all projects applied for in April must be delivered by the following October, and all projects applied for in October must be delivered by the following April.

All applications should be sent to the Clerk to the Trustees, Royal Victoria Hall Foundation both by email (with attachments, not links to file download sites) to and a paper copy by standard post (NOT REGISTERED, SIGNED FOR OR RECORDED DELIVERY PLEASE) to 111 Green Street, Sunbury on Thames, Middlesex, TW16 6QX by 5.30pm on the last working Friday in February for consideration at the April meeting, and by 5.30pm on the last working Friday of August for consideration at the October meeting. Applications for April must be for projects happening between May and October and applications for October must be for projects happening between November and April.

What happens after you apply?

You will receive acknowledgement of the application.

The Clerk will forward your application to one of the Trustees, who may contact you for further discussion of your proposal. The Trustee will make a formal report at one of the Foundation’s twice-yearly meetings.

Please note that the Trustee chosen to assess a project is not in any way a sponsor or supporter of that project but a neutral representative of the Foundation. All the Trustees will consider all the applications collectively and there are always more applications of high quality than the Foundation is able to support.

If you are selected for a grant, you will be notified and a cheque will be issued, usually within four weeks of the meeting or upon confirmation that the project is definitely going ahead.

If, after a grant is received, substantial changes are made in content/date/venue to the original application, then the money will have to be refunded to the Royal Victoria Hall Foundation.