• Applicants should be able to confirm that they have a venue booked for their production.
  • Applicants should be theatre companies, not individuals. The Company does not have to be registered but it must have a bank account in its name and be able to provide its latest accounts for a full financial year, showing a detailed breakdown of income, expenditure and balance sheet in order to demonstrate financial viability. The accounts do not have to be professionally audited but need to be signed off by the head of the company and if possible inspected and signed off by a suitable independent person (ie accountant or bank manager). Download a sample template for REPORT AND ACCOUNTS here. Unfortunately this precludes applications from companies just starting out.  If a grant is made, the cheque will be made out in the Company’s name
  • Multiple applications from one organisation with different company names will not be accepted. Each company should have an independent management structure and artistic director.
  • In accordance with The Foundation’s declaration regarding the Common Reporting Standards, companies awarded grants should be tax resident in the United Kingdom. If any company has overseas tax residency, please inform the Clerk of the Trustees prior to making any application and the Trustees will confirm if an application can be processed. Failure to declare overseas tax residency before making any application will result in the application and any subsequent grant obtained thereby declared void.
  • The Trustees will not consider applications for less than six performances.

What projects are not eligible for a grant?

  • Projects that relate exclusively to music e.g. a song or a musical recital.
  • Dance which is not within a theatrical context.
  • Projects that are wholly concerned with drama training or education or the academic study of dramatic performance.
  • Research and development work as we like to fund the actual production.
  • Amateur dramatic projects.
  • Administrative running costs of an organisation.
  • Individuals seeking funds for personal tuition.

Where do projects have to take place?

  • All projects must take place within the Greater London area.

What is the value of a grant?

  • Grants will normally be in the range of £250 – £2,000. Applicants must specify the precise amount being requested. Please note that the Foundation receives more applications than it has available funds.

How often can a grant be received?

  • If an organisation has been awarded a grant they cannot make another application for two years.

Can I apply for my drama tuition?

  • We do not make any grants to individuals for training purposes outside of the Lilian Baylis Awards to students who are nominated by their drama school.

What is the deadline for applications?

  • Applications must be received by the Royal Victoria Hall Foundation by 5.30pm on the last Friday in February for the spring round of funding, and by 5.30pm on the last Friday in August for the autumn round.

Please note that the project for which you are applying for a grant must take place AFTER the April or October meeting, as the Trustees do not make retrospective grants.